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Courses Recommended College Math Courses

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    which courses would you recommend a math major to take beyond the major requirements? I feel like 2 semesters in algebra, analysis, and topology are the basic necessities. Should I look at anything else? Any suggestions in applied maths?
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    Differential Geometry was a fun extracurricular course, also Cryptography.
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    elliptic integrals-learn about those
    extremely useful
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    Numerical analysis? Graph theory and combinatorics? Theoretical CS? Algorithms? Classical / Quantum / Relativistic / Statistical / Fluid / Solid mechanics? Economics?
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    The essential thing missing from your list is a year of algebraic topology / differential geometry.
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    I would take courses on stochastic variables and calclulus.
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    You will probably need complex analysis. Functional analysis and differentiable manifolds are also very useful.
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    How are these useful?
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    are differential equations included in the basic courses?
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    There tons of useful math, it depends on what are you specializing... and sometimes it depends on your research...
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    Combinatorics and probability were fun.
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    Once someone gets algebra and analysis (the real stuff, not an introductory course) down, I suppose next are some topology (algebraic too!) ODE, and differential geometry. But if someone comes this far, the person surely knows what to do?
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