What is College math: Definition and 29 Discussions

The High School for Math, Science and Engineering at City College (often abbreviated to High School for Math, Science and Engineering, HSMSE, or HSMSE @ CCNY) is one of the nine public magnet, specialized high schools in New York City, United States. It caters to highly gifted students from across the city. It is located within the campus of the City College of New York (CCNY).
Created in 2002 along with Queens High School for the Sciences at York College, and High School of American Studies at Lehman College, HSMSE was founded with an emphasis on engineering and design, and was envisioned as a small school with approximately four hundred students. The relatively small population of the school allows students and teachers to have a stronger relationship. Being a specialized high school not only draws students in, but also allows for a diverse student body.

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  1. J

    Studying Find Your Path: Exploring College Options for Gifted Learners

    Hello, recently I have been looking into colleges and I'd just like someone who has some experience to give some ideas! Thank you in advance for any responses! A bit of background. I am 18, turning 19 in June and I would say I am a gifted person when it comes to learning. I love to learn and...
  2. LLT71

    Schools Math "road map" for learning college math

    Hey people, I study engineering but our math is very poor here. We basically do high school maths with the addition of slightly complicated integrals. So here is the deal. As I want to be a better engineer I'm asking someone to give me specific ordered list of what math's I should attack next...
  3. C

    Courses Can I Skip Math 1314 for Calculus I with a TSI Score of 350?

    I took the TSI in January this year. I scored ok in the English part, and I'm confused on the math part. Here is my math score from the TSI paper: TSI Mathematic Placement: 350 MATH 1314, 1324, 1332, 1342 Enroll in Math 1314, College Algebra. You also qualify for Math 1324, 1332, 1342. I'm...
  4. Matejxx1

    Schools Maximizing Success in College Math: Overcoming Doubts and Challenges

    A little background: I'm 18 years old and am attending the last year of high school and and was accepted to attend a mathmatical university in our capital next year. I have really loved math basically my whole life but I'm starting to get doubts where I am really good enough for it. I have...
  5. S

    Issue Finding the Mean Squared Error / Polyfit MATLAB

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Given above The Attempt at a Solution I used polyfit, but my mean swuare errors are way bigger than they should be- don't see what is wrong with my code! My code is ugly btw, my apologies. %Hw 7 clear all close all y3=[1960; 1965; 1970; 1975; 1980...
  6. T

    Schools Best way to prepare for college math

    Hello again I'm the guy who asked a couple weeks ago about the fact I didn't take pre calc. A new question is how the best to way to prepare for college math; right now I am using the dummies guide and Khan's academy with everything thing from algebra 1 to precalc as the school I am in isn't...
  7. E

    Ideas for college math club meetings?

    My college has just started a math club, and I'm one of the officers, but we have no idea what to do for meetings? It's composed of freshmen through seniors and mostly math or engineering majors. Thanks!
  8. T

    What's the difference between regular math and college math?

    At first I just thought there was just algebra and college algebra, but trying to figure out what math I still need, I found all sorts of college maths, and I was curious, what do I expect beyond bigger numbers?
  9. H

    Difficulty of getting a job as a community college math professor?

    Hello, I've come to the point where I realize: I'm supposed to teach. I've tutored for years, taught small groups, etc. Also, I want the summer to pursue my other interests. I don't want to do research or anything; just teach. I was just curious as to how competitive these jobs are...
  10. A

    Schools Will these Junior College Math Courses Be Sufficient?

    I am currently enrolled in community college with a transfer agreement to University of Virginia to double-major in pure maths and computer science. I have spoke with two of our advisors, however, neither of them could really understand what I was trying to major in so their advice was limited...
  11. W

    Schools High School Math vs College Math?

    Hey everyone, Just wondering in what ways do high school math differ from college level math? Thanks. (Also, are there any recommended books or other materials to help a person better make that transition?)
  12. K

    Schools College math requirements for non-science majors

    What are the math requirements for those not majoring in science, engineering, or finance? Are non-science majors still required to take physics?
  13. dkotschessaa

    Funding for a college math club

    Does anybody have advice on how to get funding for a College Math club from sources outside the university? I know our physics club was able to write letters to various organizations requesting for donations and they got incredible results. I am going to check with them (though I hope we are...
  14. L

    Navigating College Math Requirements for a Physics Major

    I will be a freshman in college this upcoming Fall semester, and I intend to be a Physics major. I took Multivariable Calculus at the local community college in High School and received a relatively poor grade in it, but I'm self-studying it now. I am confident that I will know all the material...
  15. F

    Schools Does anyone know which college math course uses conics the most?

    Unfortunately my inferior Canadian education skips out at least a year of math topics in comparison with my American counterparts, so conics weren't a "huge" part of our curriculum. Can someone tell me what course demands existing firm knowledge of properties of parabolas (directix, focus...
  16. J

    Schools Waitlists to get into class at junior college math class ?

    Whats normal with wait lists? Usually, how many people get into the class? Like typical or average? Every single person gets in who from the wait list most of the time, or?
  17. S

    Efficient Study Methods for College Math: Tips & Advice

    im a sophomore at a junior college, and my calculus III prof. keeps ranting and raving about how we need to have better study skills, since at a 4 yr. university, in upper division math, science, engineering courses they go at a faster pace and cover more difficult subject matter. unfortunately...
  18. R

    College Math Analysis study guide?

    Hello everyone! I just graduated from high school and now moving on to college. I want to get my bachelors in Computer Engineering, as a transfer student to CSUFresno. I saw in the academic courses that you have to take Math 76, 77, 81. which is mathematical analysis 1-3. Now math has never been...
  19. T

    Struggling With College Math: Advice Needed

    I’m taking college level math, and I’m worried about my progress. I took my first test in that class last week, and I did terrible. I have always done well in math, but the score I received was the lowest score I’ve ever received any type of test. Our test was “write the question and answer...
  20. T

    Trying to explain college math :\

    Ok so I'm tutoring for a class this term which is supposed to be an intro to mathematical proofs. One kid asked me how to understand sentences like "Let x and y be real numbers then x = y or x =/= y.". I'm over simplifying, between - it's the use of anonymous variables that seems to bug them. I...
  21. A

    Schools How well does this course prepare me for college math?

    I'm currently enrolled in A-Level Further Mathematics (the most advanced math course available to us) and have completed pretty much everything, having more difficulty in the technical and complicated algebra involved rather than understanding the topics. I just wanted to know how knowledge of...
  22. M

    Schools Efficient Ways to Study/Learn College Math?

    Looking for efficient ways on how to properly learn algebra, calculus, and more advanced math branches necessary in engineering and science. At the moment, I follow the instructions taught in class and repeat them as necessary. Perhaps not a good approach since there are many ways to tackle math...
  23. S

    Preparing for College Math: Tips and Resources

    Hi folks. I'm entirely new to this forum, so I hope I'm asking this question at the right place. I'm a recent high school graduate waiting to enroll in college in Fall 2010. In general, I'm free for the majority of the next eight months. I hope to spend this time effectively transitioning...
  24. logickills

    Schools High school: College Math or AP Math

    I am a junior in high school. This year I am in the advanced trig/pre-calc course. Next year seniors who still want to participate in an advanced math course can choose to enroll in AP Calculus AB,BC. This is the normal order math classes are taken. Now I wanted to take calculus courses at a...
  25. V

    Schools Recommended College Math Courses

    which courses would you recommend a math major to take beyond the major requirements? I feel like 2 semesters in algebra, analysis, and topology are the basic necessities. Should I look at anything else? Any suggestions in applied maths?
  26. G

    Schools What college math classes could i take in high school?

    So this summer I'm thinking about taking some community college classes so my summer isn't a total waste. I've taken precalc, ap physics b, and ap chemistry. I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas of which classes would be mo Applied Physics General Physics and Calculus 1 College...
  27. J

    Writing a story about a college math student

    Hello, everyone: I have a bit of a strange question, but I am a writer and I'm writing a story about a college math student. What I'm in need of is an example of a question in Differential Geometry involving a "Submersion" (preferably a word problem), the process, and the solution. The...
  28. R

    Math Help for SAT 750 & AP 5: Should I Take H191?

    Okay, I know i didn't check out this place in a long time but this is the question I now have. I have a 750 in SAT and 5 in AP. There are two options for me: math H161 which is my minimum option since I already have credit for math 150 due to my AP. Also, there is H191, which is described as...
  29. R

    Schools College math courses - Calculus

    Okay. I'm a senior high school and I'm taking Calculus AB. There is an option for Calculus BC which I'm not taking. I was informed that for my major I need 5 calculus classes. Does that mean calculus ABC and Calculus 2-5 or Calculus A-E or...how does it work? I mean how are the classes named...