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Courses Recommended courses for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

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    For reasons I won't get into I was forced to leave school for the work force
    very early. I got my GED when I was 20 with a very high score, but now
    I'm trying to join the Canadian Military to take advantage of their University
    subsidy program. They do not classify the GED as a full grade 12, so I will be
    forced to take the required courses before applying.

    The prerequisite programs are

    English ENG4U
    Advanced Functions MHF4U
    Calculus and Vectors MCV4U
    Chemistry SCH4U
    Physics SPH4U

    and 2 Mathematics.

    There are so many mathematics courses to choose from, which do you
    recommend for Mechanical and Aerospace engineering?
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    For Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering you need the following courses:
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    I'm not sure how your system works, but differential equations and multivariable calculus would be helpful. Linear algebra could be helpful. A numerical methods math class (using matlab or something similar) could be helpful as well.
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