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Recommended Reading Material? (Nuclear Fusion)

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    ((Not certain this is the right place))

    Hi guys,

    Currently i'm voluntarily undertaking a project qualification and have decided to write a report on Nuclear Physics and how it could be used as an energy source in the future. I already know quite a bit about this topic but was wondering if you knew any books that could help me out? Not even just books but web articles, reports or even speeches on it from TED or something. Like I said, i know the topic quite well so I would prefer the materialto have a few equations relating to it but anything is fine :)

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    If you start on the wikipedia page for Fusion Power and work your way through many of the related articles that should give you a good grasp on the basics.
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    Okay, Thank You
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    Anyone else? For the report I'll have to write a bibliography and having one entirely consisting of Wikipedia articles won't be looked upon favourably. ^^
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    I presume you are familiar with the concept of looking at the reference list at the bottom of the Wiki article, and then looking at those references? The Wiki on "fusion power" for example has 45 references and a couple dozen external links - have you bothered to read any of them?
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    Ah i see. I don't use Wikipedia much, thank you.

    And thank you too.:)
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