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Recording Voltage readings in Excel

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    I am sure that many of you are using Excel to do data capture, what are some suggestions as to a USB interface module that will allow multiple voltage or current readings.

    Also, any suggestions on any built in timer functions in Excel?

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    Couldn't begin to tell you, pal... I'm a Mac guy.
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    Look at http://www.picotech.com/ they have examples of how to get data from their daa loggers ino excel.
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    I have used Excel Visual Basic macros to capture data over a RS232 cable. I was unable to find code which allowed me to directly access a USB port thou I did not research it very far.

    VB has a timer function, IIRC it does not quite work the way I wanted it to, but I could use to take timed measurements.

    alt f11, will get you into the VB editor, use the help function, and find a reference for VB coding.

    I am not sure what kind of module you are looking for, seems like you need a smart (at with some form of communications) instrument. You should be looking for an instrument, not a USB module.
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    These instruments essentially have two or three parts: they need an interface module, a data acquisition component (in this case, something to read voltage and digitize it), and optionally, memory to log it. Here's an example of one my company sometimes uses: http://www.microdaq.com/supco/logit/lcv.php

    These don't go realtime into Excel, you data log, then export to Excel later.

    There may still be interface devices specifically designed to take a 0-10V signal, digitize it, and send it to a computer. You'd still need a voltage transformer to get the signal down to 0-10V.
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    Definitely data loggers are the way to go. I don't think I would trust a low voltage level on a serial line as the DAQ path. There would be too much room for signal distortion I would think.
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    I appreciate all of the responses, and I will continue to update as I get new information. I definitly want to try and keep it real time.

    Data logger is what I was looking towards....guess it's time to go on ebay...

    thanks all....

    BTW...work has really been interupting the amount of time that i get to surf PF... any suggestions? Other than quitting?
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    Anhar Miah, this looks like it will work perfectly. The price is nice too. If I end up getting one, I'll try and give some feedback.

    Thanks again.
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