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Rectangular waveguide cavity - Maximum E field

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    I am trying to calculate maximum E-field strength in a rectangular waveguide cavity resonator at 1.6GHz. The input power is 200W while the resonator should wsupport TE101 mode. cavity dimensions are 0.131mmx0.65mmx0.134mm (WxHxL) having lossy walls made up of copper with conductivity of 5.8x10^7.

    Is there any equation or procedure that can lead me to this solution? I have adopted a way to calculate Q factor, assume power loss in guide walls as 10W and then calculate Eo. Is it the right approach?

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    Hi m_niz,

    I have a similar problem and I was wondering if you have finally found out how to estimate the maximum E field for a given input power. I would appreciate if yuo share it with me.

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    Hi rama-lama,

    I am failed to figure out a direct method for such calculation. The only way I found is to estimate the Q-factor, then by assuming power loss in the conducting walls(Pc) (and in the filled dielectric if that is the case), I calculated E-field using:


    I am not very sure that it gives the right value though.
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