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Redirecting lost heat from propane heater

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    I've got a propane heater out of my deck that I use on cold days to enjoy a fine stogie and a port.

    It loses a lot of heat straight up. I'd like to redirect that heat back to me. (But safety first, I know.)

    I've been thinking of a simple curved sheet of aluminum suspended above it, but I'm wondering what exactly I'd be redirecting. By the time it's over the heater it's merely warmed air.

    Can I reflect the IR? To do that, I imagine my panel would need to be reflective, and positioned differently than directly overhead. It would have to intersect the direct rays from the emitter itself.

    (One of the reasons I want to arrange this is because the heater is actually too intense. To get enough heat, I have to sit so close that my knees burn while the rest of me freezes. In essence, I want to diffuse the heat over a larger radiating area.)

    What might be an expedient way of using this lost heat?



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    Yes, and the metal structures you see in the image are doing exactly that. You can try to extend that concept to a larger mirror.

    "Reflect air": you could try to heat something else with the air (which then radiates infrared radiation again), but I guess you don't gain much from that.
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    Yeah. That's what I was thinking. Essentially extending the parabola.
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