Reduction Orifice sizing for desired pressure drop

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Good afternoon,

I am trying to size a reduction orifice for a desired pressure drop. I do not need the drop to be specific, since this is just for valve protection and not for metering.

D1 (Pipe) = 2.5"
P1 = 125 PSI
P2 Required = 75-85 PSI
Q = 1020 gal/hr
Fluid = Water, 90 Deg F

Basically, I just need to know what size orifice I would need to, If possible, get the desired output pressure.

Thank you in advance, I hope I have provided the required information.

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it's not an easy question because you need some valve parameter such as the discharge coefficient, that sometimes is not provided. The best thing you could do is to check on catalogues you will get some graphs where you can get the right valve for your case.

Anyway, check in this link ( the formula 2.


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