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References to Engineering Mechanics

  1. Dec 1, 2014 #1
    I am looking for a really good reference textbook for learning classical mechanics.I understand it's pretty absurd to quote the subject as references to "Engineering Mechanics" as it's nothing different from the classical mechanics in physics.But I am looking for a perfect reference meant specially for engineers to understand the subject very well and it's field of practical applications.

    I have come across a few of the titles as below:

    1. Vector Mechanics for Engineers - Statics and Dynamics by Beer & Johnston
    2. Engineering Mechanics - Statics and Dynamics by Hibbeler
    3. Engineering Mechanics by Timoshenko
    4. Engineering mechanics by Singer
    5. Engineering Mechanics by Pytel & Kiusalaas
    6. Engineering mechanics - Statics & Dynamics by Meriam & Kraige

    Any views on which among the mentioned titles would be the most recommended???

    I would also appreciate if someone has a different opinion.
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    The term "engineering mechanics" is pretty broad and encompasses
    1. statics & dynamics
    2. mechanics of materials (elasticity & plasticity)
    3. fluid mechanics
    4. vibrations
    and quite possibly several other topics, depending on where one chooses to draw the boundaries.

    The list you have are mostly good, elementary books on statics and dynamics, and there are literally hundreds of titles from which to choose. Find one you like (that you think you understand what you read), and go with it.

    A really good across the board reference is the Handbook of Engineering Mechanics, W. Flugge, editor.

    As a broad generalization, Timoshenko's books are often the best (but get the ones actually written by Timoshenko, not Whosits & Timoshenko where some no-name has taken Timshenko's title and a little of his work and produced as bastardized book).
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