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Relation between angular displacement and tension.

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    Hello guys,

    Iam doing a project to find the tension of timing belt using a dial gauge indicator(consists of plunger and gear attached to it ie;rack and pinion mechanism) ,but i can't find a formula relating the displacement of the pointer and the tension (eg: 5° of dislplacement of pointer = 10 units of tension?).Please help me...
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    Hi rambharath94,

    Your details are a bit short on a clear explanation of your setup. A picture might help.
    As i understood thus far you wish to measure the tension in a timing belt, although you give no details of what is creating that tension (a weight or something to create torque?).
    Also you have means to measure the angle or stretch of the belt via a dial gauge.

    If you can measure geometrical properties, can you get your hands on a spring scale for measuring a force?
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