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Relation between Cooling rate and Viscosity in Newtonian fluid

  1. May 14, 2013 #1
    Relation between Cooling rate and Viscosity

    Hi all

    I have a situation where i have a molten Aluminium Copper alloy melt poured in a mould
    to be solidified. This means, the mould temperature is lower than than than the poured melt. I am thinking about a relation which associates temperature or temperature gradient across the fluid in the mould or the cooling rate because of the temperature gradient with the viscosity situation in the melt.
    Please suggest expression(s) for the same in such a case.

    P.S.: Correction: Assumption is non-Newtonian

    Best Regards
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    I don't see why the viscosity would matter here. This problem seems to be to be dominated by conduction, which really only depends the thermal conductivity of the materials in question. Barring a very low viscosity material, I wouldn't expect there to be enough flow for convection to play any important role.
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    According to Krieger Rheological model, viscosity depends on the developing solid fraction in a solidification process and i am dealing with flow in micro range here. So, it is important for me.
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