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Relation of radiation wavelength and photosynthetic photon flux?

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    Dear all,

    If I have the value of photosynthetic photon flux in unit [ micro mole per meter square per second] as an output for ultra violet sensor.
    How can I know the corresponding wavelength of that radiation ? and can I know from that wavelength what is the type of the ultraviolet radiation ?

    Thank you and looking forward for your help.
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    Simon Bridge

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    Welcome to PF;
    From the flux alone? - you can't. It's like having a doorman who counts people entering or leaving a party, and expecting to tell, from just the number of guests, how old they are.

    You have to check the manufacturers specs for the sensor you used for the bandwidth and sensitivity.

    The rest is stuff that it is good for you to look up.
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    Dear Simon Bridge,
    Thank you for your response.
    I tried to know any thing from the specifications of the sensor related to that but I could not.
    Here are the specifications in this manual (page 6) : http://www.apogeeinstruments.com/content/SU-100manual.pdf

    Can you help me please to figure out any thing related to what I want ?
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    Simon Bridge

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    The manual should tell you the wavelengths that it is sensitive to.
    That information is usually given quite early on where they describe the instrument.
    In the main part of the manual there will probably be a graph showing sensitivity (or similar) against wavelength.
    Or they may use frequency instead or wavelength.

    I cannot help you to figure out any thing related to what you want because you haven't told me what you want to achieve. You've only ruled out one path to what you want to achieve.

    Note: pouring through manuals is not my idea of a fun evening.
    You can get detectors that record energy in different channels and output to a computer.
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