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Relationship between Analysis and Computer science

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    Hello everyone, I am new in this forum. I recently have admitted to B.Sc. course in Computer Science and Engineering. I am bound to take a course called "Differential Calculus and Coordinate geometry". Though I am more interested in Math than CS, I can not workout relationship between Analysis and CS. I am not sure to which subject this thread should belong too. Any reply is appreciable. Please help me to tell me about threads related to this thread.
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    Is Differential Calculus and Coordinate Geometry the same think as Differential Geometry?

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    Matt I have found Differential geometry to study Geometry using Calculus. In my country there actually is no mathematician teaching Math like Serre, Artin, Milnor, Mazur and many of these greats. One of the greatest mathematician of my country is my teacher who teach CS in my university. I believe studying in his class will help me to learn Math. Universities of my country does not even offer courses in Mathematical Logic, Model theory, Set theory etc. as far as I know.
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