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Homework Help: Relationship between free energy and the equilibrium constant

  1. Nov 19, 2006 #1
    The relationship between free energy and the equilibrium constant is

    Go = -RT ln K

    By measuring the pH at various temperatures, the Kb for NH3(aq) was found to be temperature dependent, yielding the following values:

    temperature (K) Kb
    283 1.34 X 10-5
    293 1.42 X 10-5
    303 1.50 X 10-5

    Over moderate temperature ranges (ranges less than 100 K degrees) both deltaSo and deltaHo can be considered approximately temperature independent. By plotting the available information appropriately, obtain estimates for deltaSo and delayHo for the reaction:

    ok so i figured out that my y=mx+b equation should loook lik:

    lnKb=delta H/R(gas constnt) - delta S/r

    bbut what is my x axis and y axis?
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    1. This question belongs in the Coursework & Homework section of the forums. Henceforth, please post such questions there (and use a more descriptive title).

    That's not right. What is the relationship between [itex]\Delta G_0~,~~\Delta H_0 [/itex] and [itex] \Delta S_0 [/itex] ?
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