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Relationship between photoluminescence intensity and Absroption Intensity

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    I have measured photoluminescence (PL) and light absroption spectra of some transtion metal oxide nanostructures. The PL intensity increases remarkably by decreasing the size of nanostructures. However, the intensity of absorption vary litte. Is there any relationship between the PL intensity and absroption intensity?. If PL intensity increase sharply then is it necessary that absorption instensiy should also increase sharply?
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    The short answer is: PL is more complex than absorption. Absorption is in first approximation a measure of the density of states at some energy and their optical activity (typically in terms of a dipole moment). PL is more complex as it can show a complex dependence on the interplay between several nanostructures and may depend on many factors.

    So you need to clarify: What are your structures? Quantum dots? Quantum Wells? Something else? Are they semiconductors or insulators? Which wavelength range are you checking? Is it near the band gap (if present)? What is the spectral dependence of your PL? And so on....
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