Relationship (Pure+Applied+Bio) Math?

In summary, the relationship between Pure, Applied, and Bio Mathematics (Mathematical Biology) can be described as pure math being done as an end in itself and applied math being used as an application to other sciences, such as biology. The relationship between the femtosecond and biomathematics is not clear, as the femtosecond is simply a unit of time and cannot be directly linked to math. However, there may be connections between the femtosecond and biomedicine, as well as chemistry. Further research may be needed to fully understand this relationship.
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relationship (Pure+Applied+Bio) Math?!

Pleas can you help me to know the relationship between the Pure, Applied and Bio Mathematics (Mathematical Biology) in a few words?Thank you
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Pure math is math done as an end in itself and applied math is math done as an application to other sciences such as biology, physics, economy and so on.
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I don't think your question can be answered sensibly in 'a few words': what is the context of your asking?
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Thank you for your Answers and I appreciate it very much

and I am so sorry for my inattention unintentional

ok... can I change the question: relationship between Biomathematics and Femtosecond?! and DEs and Femtosecond ?!

I know that there is a relationship between the Femtosecond and Chemistry ... but I don't know the relationship with BioMathematics ?!

sorry again

Thank you
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I am now curious of this relationship between the femtosecond and biomathematics. :)
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When I read I found that the "Femtosecond Laser" is used instead of Microkeratome in LASIK Surgery ... and that is a good relationship between "Femtosecond and Biomedicine.

and I Found that:

second > picosecond > femtosecond > attoseconds > zeptoseconds

But I could not linked it with math :(​
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Femtosecond is a unit of time, nothing else. It cannot be 'linked' with maths. I don't think anyone is really sure what you're asking.

What is it you want to know? Why are you asking?
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I know it is linked with chemistry but I wanted to know its relationship with math

sory if my question was annoying

but I learned a lot from your answers and hints and I enjoy it

Thank you
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The femtosecond is not "linked" to any branch of science or study. It is simply 0.000000000000001 seconds. A "femtosecond laser" is a laser that emits pulses that each last a few femtoseconds. It is no different than a laser that has microsecond pulses or hour long pulses.

1. What is Relationship (Pure+Applied+Bio) Math?

Relationship (Pure+Applied+Bio) Math is a branch of mathematics that focuses on modeling and analyzing relationships between biological and non-biological entities. It combines principles from pure mathematics, applied mathematics, and biology to gain a deeper understanding of complex relationships in nature.

2. What are some applications of Relationship (Pure+Applied+Bio) Math?

Relationship (Pure+Applied+Bio) Math has numerous applications in fields such as ecology, genetics, epidemiology, and neuroscience. It can be used to model population dynamics, study the spread of diseases, analyze genetic inheritance patterns, and understand brain networks.

3. How is Relationship (Pure+Applied+Bio) Math different from other branches of mathematics?

Relationship (Pure+Applied+Bio) Math differs from other branches of mathematics in that it focuses specifically on relationships between biological and non-biological entities. It combines mathematical concepts and techniques from multiple fields to address complex biological problems, making it a highly interdisciplinary subject.

4. What are some mathematical techniques used in Relationship (Pure+Applied+Bio) Math?

Some common mathematical techniques used in Relationship (Pure+Applied+Bio) Math include graph theory, differential equations, network analysis, and statistical modeling. These techniques are used to analyze and model relationships in biological systems, such as food webs, genetic networks, and social interactions.

5. How can Relationship (Pure+Applied+Bio) Math benefit society?

Relationship (Pure+Applied+Bio) Math has the potential to benefit society in numerous ways. By gaining a better understanding of complex relationships in nature, we can make more informed decisions about conservation efforts, disease prevention and control, and sustainable resource management. It can also lead to advancements in fields such as medicine, agriculture, and environmental science.

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