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Relativity through different scales

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    We already have some evidence that the universe is accellerating towards an infinitely large size.If we presume that the universe uses a fractal framework, where by you no longer have zero size but instead spacetime is accellerating towards or from a infinitly small size. Then to me there is a direction here along 'scale'. ie In my mind I can travel from the very large to the very small...travelling in a direction.

    If I were in a black void with no references I would not know whether I was travelling in uniform motion or whether I was at rest. In uniform motion all speed is relative.

    keeping with the idea of the universe being fundermentally fractal.I began thinking about sizes of objects. Are sizes of objects also relative? It seemed an elegant idea to me but had no basis in the real Universe. But why?
    The problem I saw for me is that you could end up with electrons, planets galaxies etc of any size which is ridiculous.

    In the real universe objects have specific ranges of sizes. But why? Why is the universe variant in scale. Why do we have two theories one of the very large and one of the very small. Why do the theories of General Relativity and Quantum physics not work well together? Many scientists have been wrestling with this problem for years.

    So I done another thought experiment. The only thing in Einsteins theory of relativity which is absolute is accellerated frames.

    So the question is...

    Can we apply Einsteins theory of relativity along the direction of scale? What would happen in the quantum world if spacetime was accellerated from it or to it along the direction of scale.

    I like to imagine spacetime at every point in space accelerating,spiraling through the scale direction like a vortex, twisting spacetime like a tornado, so that any nasty blackholes produced would be balanced by its own twisted spacetime (magnetic fields) in the fabric of spacetime .
    Particles of matter would then exist through consisting of standing waves set up in this spacetime.
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    I'm not sure I understand your point but it sounds a bit like Zeno vs. Plank
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