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Remove sugar from industrial wastewater

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    Good evening everyone! I am new to this forum, nice to know any member in this forum ^^

    I have a question here which I cant figure out how to solve a problem. Recently, I have been asked about the water filtration system in a factory which produce sweets. The sugar cant be removed from the wastewater, causing it to fail to meet the environment standard of wastewater. The water report shows that the sugar content and BOD is high but others are fine.

    I have done some research from the internet and found one common term which is the Biomembrane Reactor. Some claim that RO may also be one of the solutions. However, I think that RO System will be very expensive. Therefore, can someone suggest what system should be used to remove the sugar in wastewater with explanations of the process?

    Your kind assistance is highly appreciated. I hope that some can help me to solve this problem. I'm sure that this discussion will be mutually beneficial ^^

    Thank you everyone!

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    Can someone please help me? tq :)
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    What is the concentration and flow rate?
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    According to the water report, the BOD and COD are particularly high. COD 19.8 compared to standard of 20 whereas BOD 5000++ compared to standard of just 80 mg/L. Besides, the concentration of iron is 1.3 compared to 1.0 as the standard limit.

    The flow rate is 900-1000 L/Hr.

    The factory produces sugar product and high content of sugar has been detected. Is there an easier way to solve the problem?
    Thank you so much for your concern ! I truly appreciate !
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    That's a pretty small flow rate so I have to believe the fix is going to be realtively inexpensive. There are companies that specialize in just about everything, including removal of sugars from wastewater. Try http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&...0l16016l40l39l14l11l22l0l297l2266l2.9.3l14l0" on them. Here's one as an example (I have no knowledge of this company, so don't it as an endorsement):
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