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Renaming Columns in DB Table: Apex SQL or Examine Dependenci

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    Hi All,
    Just curious as to what those with experience in creating databases believe is the best method when
    renaming databases: using Apex SQL , which (supposedly) automatically checks for dependencies or
    just sitting down , looking at the dependencies and doing the changes one by one as needed? This is
    for a class project. Also, can anyone recommend a good source for schemas to use , maybe
    make changes to (EDIT: The project is for a company)?
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    Renaming databases is not an issue in modern RDBMSs as we work with connections in which the name of the database is an arbitrary parameter. Do you mean renaming tables and/or columns within databases?

    In the real world (e.g. for a company), business logic is implemented in code which is linked to database structure. Ideally this is abstracted so that the business logic layer is separated from the data storage layer by at least one level, so alterations to the database schema need only be dealt with by altering the relevant code in the Data Access Layer (DAL)/Data Access Objects (DAO)/Object Relational Models (ORM)/whatever the paradigm you are using.
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    Thanks, Anchovy, I do mean renaming within a database. I did get a warning message from my MSSQL2014 in that respect for some reason after I renamed a table within a database. And there were error messages even when I "inverted" the renaming (i.e., I gave the table the original name), I had some. And I guess we use the names DDL (Data Definition Language) and DML (Data Manipulation Language) respectively, and in this case the renaming is done within a DDL , i.e., writing code , not doing within a GUI (Graphical Interface).
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