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Programs Renewable Energy Phd programs in US

  1. Jun 24, 2012 #1
    Hi everyone,

    What do you know about renewable energy phd programs in US? I skimmed through the internet for it, however I couldn't find many. Renewable energies are very crucial and its researches are very promising. Why there are only few universities with energy institutes or graduate energy programs? Can you give any advises for energy phd?

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    Solar power is great, but at the moment its not great compared to fossil fuels, and with the US having this vast amount of natural gas, I personally don't think solar power is going to be taking over anytime soon. That's probably why
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    One should be aware that energy research is not simply a single area per se: energy is at the foundation of studying all kinds of systems like physics: but it also includes chemistry, biology, materials science, mechanics and everything inbetween.

    The other thing is that there are different kinds of energy in terms of a) mobile or non-mobile b) source of energy (like nuclear, hydroelectric, windmill, solar, other), and c) specific investigation context (particle accelerators and research, engineering challenges, physical experiments, and so on).

    It's not just 'energy research this way', but more or less that everyone is doing one little bit of the whole puzzle and focusing on different things at different levels.
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