What is Renewable: Definition and 65 Discussions

A renewable resource, also known as a flow resource, is a natural resource which will replenish to replace the portion depleted by usage and consumption, either through natural reproduction or other recurring processes in a finite amount of time in a human time scale. When such recovery rate of resources is unlikely to ever exceed a human time scale, these are called perpetual resources. Renewable resources are a part of Earth's natural environment and the largest components of its ecosphere. A positive life-cycle assessment is a key indicator of a resource's sustainability.
Definitions of renewable resources may also include agricultural production, as in agricultural products and to an extent water resources. In 1962, Paul Alfred Weiss defined renewable resources as: "The total range of living organisms providing man with life, fibres, etc...". Another type of renewable resources is renewable energy resources. Common sources of renewable energy include solar, geothermal and wind power, which are all categorized as renewable resources. Fresh water is an example of renewable resources.

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  1. K

    Hi there! I'm Kiran. I need to know advance physics.

    Hi! My name is Kiran. I am a mechanical engineer working for various practical application projects such as renewable energy products, efficiency improvement, customized machines, etc. On many circumstances, I encountered with a problem of solving some advance and complicated physics. And in one...
  2. camptent

    B Extracting electrical energy from Orbital motion

    If the earth has been revolving around the sun almost perpetually, we should mimic this motion for electric generative purposes or is it not feasible?
  3. Nischal

    Long-lasting, effective and reliable energy source

    Discussion with people related to energy and work on the field of finding new energy source, Article and research paper based on source of energy, Videos related to future energy source.
  4. L

    Admissions DOE SULI Advice For Biology Background - Renewable Energy Development

    Hi Everyone! I am an upperclassmen undergrad of a biol background, with mainly course training in biochemistry and molecular biol, and taken chem like o-chem and a-chem, and introductory physics. I have three short term summer projects at top 5 institutions in the past and in the field of...
  5. K

    Producing Renewable Liquid Fuels from Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

    The Sasol plants in South Africa are producing liquid fuels using coal and water as the source of energy and syngas, CO and H2. Some refineries are using natural gas as the starting fuel to produce liquid fuels. Both of these processes are not renewable. The US Navy has a process to extract CO2...
  6. E

    Physics What Branch of Physics Deals with Renewable or Clean Energy?

    Hello there, I am interested in renewable or clean or new energy sources. What branch of physics that I need to focus on in order to get a deep understanding on this? Also, what prerequisites do I need? p.s. I am a self taught student, so I don't have any academic advisor
  7. BWV

    Exploring the Possibility of 100% Renewable Grid w/ Super Power

    Interesting report on the issues and viability of a 100% wind / solar / battery grid. https://www.rethinkx.com/energy#energy-download The idea of 'super power' as they term it - the large surpluses generated during peak times for wind and solar generation is one of the more interesting aspects
  8. H

    Engineering International Renewable Energy

    For members of this forum that live outside of the United States: have you seen a boom in Renewable Energy? Do you know of universities that specialize in Renewable Energy, are there companies on the cutting edge of this field?
  9. H

    Engineering Entry level Renewable energy engineering positions?

    I'm not out of college yet, but I'm curious if any companies are offering entry level positions renewable energy engineers right now
  10. E

    Why the fascination with intermittent renewable energy sources?

    Maybe I’m missing something, and this thread is to at least try to drill down into this to help me understand what that something might be… Basically I do not understand the almost cult like fascination with intermittent renewable energy for utility scale electricity production. My current...
  11. ORF

    What limits the amount of renewable energy sources?

    Hello, I was told every country needs a constant electricity production source (like coal or nuclear powerplants), and up to some proportion, renewable sources (photovoltaics, hydro, wind turbines, etc). So, my question is: what limits the amount of renewable sources? (the grid, storage...?)...
  12. Posty McPostface

    Is anything being done to reclassify nuclear as 'renewable'?

    Here's a simple article that presents the case that nuclear is actually a renewable resource. An excerpt: Any thoughts on the matter? Do other countries consider nuclear as renewable? Japan only comes to my mind.
  13. TMT

    Recycled Energy versus Renewable Energy

    To days trend topic is “Renewable Energy”. Everybody are trying to jump in this topic wagon. They are discussing either wind or solar farm is better choice for future investment. They also arguing their solution will prevent global warming. But, in my opinion (especially wind farms) will yield...
  14. J

    How much energy is stored in compressed air?

    Hi all, My name is Jesse and I love renewable energy and finding ways of beating coal. Right now Solar Photovoltaic energy competes with coal in sunny areas during the day, but at night, you need to store the energy from solar and it's not worth it due to the cost of storage mechanisms (might...
  15. G

    I need an advice to prepare an alternate renewable fuel

    Hi! Can someone please guide me as to how can i convert inorganic waste to alternate fuel which can be used instead of regular fossil fuel or atleast can be blended with fossil fuels to prepare cleaner fuels.
  16. Waggles

    Renewable Energy Concept - Stirling Engine Composting

    So I've got this crazy idea. To put it simply, to use the heat from anaerobic composting to power hot-air engine, specifically a Stirling Engine. Based solely on my own reading, the center of a closed composting heap can reach anywhere from 120-160 degrees without killing the microorganisms...
  17. J

    I think I may have found a renewable energy source

    Hello guys so I have this idea of mine which I can't get my head around and I need someone to tell me why it won't work, so let's say you have a fully pressurised tank of air and you blow that pressurised air at a turbine connected to a generator, ovisously the generator will then start to...
  18. Z

    What is the forefront of research in energy?

    Essentially, I'm wondering (knowing virtually nothing at present), what is at the front of modern research in the realm of energy. Whether this be renewable energy, or simply more efficient ways of using energy (e.g. fuel cells?). I assume nuclear fusion will be mentioned too, so what obstacles...
  19. C

    I Can solar panels be improved by combining them with a heat retaining material?

    Hello everyone,I'm currently working on slabs (titles) that convert people's footsteps into electrical power via kinetic energy.Now, because I've been working with this tech over the past few months I've been thinking of new ideas for renewable energy sources.-not recreate just add to or better...
  20. F

    Synthetic Renewable Source of ATP

    I need a synthetic and renewable source of ATP. I heard you can create it with electricity or from the lab invitrogen as a post described here. But I couldn't find anything on it, so let me know, thanks! P.S. And if you combine it with the enzyme RuBisCO and carbon dioxide you can get renewable...
  21. I

    Engineering What Are the Job Prospects and Work Environment for Renewable Energy Engineers?

    hello everyone, I just need some advice from others right now, so I'm going into the field of renewable energy engineering. more importantly I just wanted to know about the job prospects, where it could be in the years to come,job settings ( what would be the environment I would work in ?). and...
  22. W

    Is sound a renewable energy or non-renewable energy?

    I've been searching the web for this answer and can't seem to find it anywhere. Can anyone help me? Is sound a renewable energy or non-renewable energy?
  23. A

    Ideas merging nuclear science & renewable energy technology

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a senior design project idea that incorporates nuclear science/engineering with the technology used in renewable energy engineering. My partner and I have found the idea of betavoltaics but doubt we'd have the required beta sources available in our labs. The...
  24. S

    Can renewable energy be stored?

    HI! I am wondering if electricity generated from a friction driven turbine by winding for example can actually be stored in a battery for later consumption? Best Regards
  25. B

    What Major Can Compliment My Interests in Renewable Energy and Robotics?

    I am a sophmore in college and I am currently majoring in Material Science Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. I want to some day hopefully work with either Robotics and/or Renewable Energy. I want to get a good combination of Mechanical, Chemistry, Electronics, computers, and basic...
  26. Moriarty

    Fusion and Renewable Energy Education Paths

    My counselors, advisers, and teachers are tired of me so I've come here for some help. I've been interested in renewable energy since I was much younger, but was wondering what kind of path one goes down to dive into becoming a part of the research involved in figuring out our problems with...
  27. A

    MS in Renewable Energy: A Civil Engineers Path to Wind Turbines

    HI. I am in final year of Civil Engineering and my area of interest totally in new innovations. the things which are impossible, m try it to prove it is possible! m interest to do something in wind turbine. So could i do MS in renewable energy (Wind Turbine)?? or any other course? please suggest me.
  28. A

    Osmotic power - a new form of renewable energy

    Osmotic power is a form of renewable energy under development which exploits the salinity gradient between fresh river water and salt sea water. The phenomenon is based in osmosis principle and called Pressure Retarded Osmosis (PRO). The two fluids are separated by a semi-permeable membrane...
  29. M

    Is thermal energy a renewable or non-renewable energy?

    im not talking about geothermal energy because my teacher gave us topics and mine is thermal energy and i did some research but i still don't get it if its renewable or nonrenewable because i got mixed answers when i researched about it. and are there any advantages for this energy? i think...
  30. T

    Engineering Renewable Energy Careers (Specifically Engineering)

    I am going into my second year in electrical engineering at a large state school. In my first year I was able to earn a scholarship within the college of engineering and also land an internship at one of the world's largest and most recognizable companies. This summer I'm in the oil and gas...
  31. K

    Why energy could be "renewable"?

    we often hear about the terms "renewable" energy, but according to some Physics laws, energy is something that couldn't be created or destroyed. How could energy be "renewable" then? I also know that there is high-grade energy and low-grade energy. When energy is changed from high-grade to...
  32. T

    B.S. in EE trying to transition into a renewable energy career

    I'm currently on a career path I got into through an applied physics masters, but there isn't much of future in my particular field so I'm trying to switch. Additionally, I'm very concerned about climate change and I have a B.S in Electrical Engineering (with a minor in physics), so I'm...
  33. R

    Project help 'Power quality in renewable energy systems'

    I am currently undertaking a HND in Electrical Engineering and for my graded unit project I have chosen 'Power quality in renewable energy systems'. I was hoping someone could recommend a good book to help. Thanks
  34. Astronuc

    News Reducing subsidies for renewable energy

    Germany eyes swift cuts in renewable energy subsidies http://news.yahoo.com/germany-eyes-swift-cuts-renewable-energy-subsidies-164549194.html See also - https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=607814 In the US, some wind producers use 'negative' pricing to push their power onto...
  35. A

    Pressure as a renewable source of energy

    I am designing a machine to produce electricity , using pressure as a source of energy. So my question is simple, is there any machine or device that are used to produce electricity from pressure?
  36. J

    Evaluate Renewable Energy Concept

    Hello, . . I have this concept sketch, of a new configuration from what I have been seeing in,. "wave energy", (in this case tide flow force energy), . . I believe that generally speaking, as a concept, there seems to be advantages. Although this is just the water wheel without turbine in...
  37. H

    Guidance on choice of a thesis topic in Renewable Energy for an undergraduate

    I'm presently pursuing my undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering, and I need help in choosing a thesis topic in Renewable Energy(as that is what I want to pursue my future in). My university is not equipped with state of the art labs, though they manage to meet the requirements of having the...
  38. C

    Programs Renewable Energy Phd programs in US

    Hi everyone, What do you know about renewable energy phd programs in US? I skimmed through the internet for it, however I couldn't find many. Renewable energies are very crucial and its researches are very promising. Why there are only few universities with energy institutes or graduate...
  39. L

    Idea for a senior project related to renewable energy

    dear members, i would like to thank the owners of this forum for giving us students the opportunity to share our ideas and thoughts about topics related to electronics. i would like to help me pick up few thoughts or ideas for a senior project related to renewable energy such as solar or...
  40. Andre

    News Renewable energy EU under pressure.

    The Frankfurter Algemeiner (something like the Times, but then in another country) has a rather important article here.. It seems that an internal EU strategy paper has leaked, in which it is proposed to stop green energy support as it becomes prohibitive expensive. One may wonder if this had...
  41. S

    Renewable energy/water treatment engineer wanna-be

    Hi, I am a third-year physics major at a liberal arts college in USA. I decided to study Physics because I want to be involved in renewable energy field or water treatment field. I want to go to engineering school for master's or Ph.D for either of above fields. For renewable energy, I only...
  42. E

    Exploring Renewable Energy: My College Search Journey

    I am a Junior in high school and am just starting the college search. I have always wanted to so something with space, and be an astronaut if I could, but, as astronauts take up such a small percentage of any group of people, I have begun to look for other things. Something that has caught my...
  43. J

    Renewable Energy Prototype

    i am having problem on making my thesis about renewable energy. I proposed all of the common kinds of renewable energy there is from solar,wind,thermal to biomass but still got nothing approved. Could anyone here please suggest topics for my thesis.. i am really short of time. :frown:. really...
  44. F

    Physics Renewable energy jobs with a BS in physics

    Im graduating with a BS in physics, where I mostly focused on astrophysics. I'm looking to do something different after I graduate, not planning on grad school, at least for the time being. I'm interested in getting a job somehow related to renewable energy technology, and it would also be a...
  45. S

    Undergraduate studies for a career in renewable energy

    I'm right now twenty years old and in my second semester of a physics degree at a school which has a pretty wide variety of engineering and science degrees and an excellent reputation in those fields. I think I would be happy working in almost any science/engineering field, but I'm most...
  46. K

    Schools Which university with a cheaper Master Programme in Renewable Energy

    Hi! I am a finalist student in Applied Physics from an African University and want to pursue with postgrad programs. I have found an organization which supports students from developing countries in Master programs related to Sustainable energy development. There is an opportunity to get...
  47. T

    Please help to check the efficiency of renewable energy system design

    Hello experts, Please help to verify the attched design of renewable energy system which uses combination of gravity and buoyancy forces for power generation. I am looking use balls of 10c.m radius and water column of 10m hight. It will be very helpful some experts could advice me on how...
  48. X

    Evaluating Renewable Energy Projects for Senior Design Course

    Hi all, I am an EE senior in college and am taking a senior design course this semester before I graduate. It involves either choosing to undertake an educational project that one of the class professors suggests or using one of our own ideas. The course lasts a single semester and we are in...
  49. H

    Renewable hydrogen electrolysis system, advice needed

    Hello I'm currently in the middle of a dissertation project, a feasibility study of a tidal/hydrogen generation system. At the moment I'm getting pretty bogged down trying to model the electrolyser. I'd like it to be more detailed than simply power in*conversion efficiencies. In particular...