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Replacing specific array elements in IDL

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    Replacing specific array elements in IDL - solved!


    I was just wondering if there was any way, other than using FOR loops, to replace specified elements of an array?

    For example, say A is a 1D array of 50 elements, each equal to 1.0. Is it possible to change say elements 0-9 and 30-49 to 5.0 other than the way shown below? I thought maybe I could use the REPLICATE_INPLACE function, but can't find a way of getting it to work. :grumpy:

    Code (Text):

    A = FLTARR(50)+1.0

    FOR i = 0, 9 DO BEGIN
        A(i) = 5.0

    FOR i = 30, 49 DO BEGIN
        A(i) = 5.0

    The above method works fine, but there must be a way that doesn't involve loops, as I know loops slow IDL down.

    Many thanks
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    Problem solved. I've realized I can simply type A[0:9]=5.0 etc. :biggrin:
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