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Resonance in RLC Series circuits

  1. Sep 15, 2009 #1
    Hello friends

    Q1. Is that Resonance only happened in series circuit not in parallel,
    which are consisting in R L C components?

    Q2. what Is Q-Factor and is that Related with Resonance.

    Please Must Explane this questions :redface:

    thanks A lot
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    You can get resonances in both series and parallel circuits; there is no fundamental difference between the two.

    The formal definition of the quality factor (Q) is given by the rate at which the resonator losses energy; from a more practical point of view it tells you how wide the resonance is (in frequency); for an ideal resonator the Q value is simply the resonance frequency divided by the width at the -3 dB point.
    Or, in other words, a high Q value implies a narrow ("sharp") resonance.
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