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Homework Help: Resonance Structures for a Certain Molecule

  1. May 28, 2014 #1
    Please look at the pictures.

    I do not understand why they have not included the resonance structure for that molecule for which all the double bonds are displaced is not included.

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    Your structure in red is the first structure they drew. Are you referring to some other resonance structure?
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    I don't see any atoms changing in the first picture you uploaded, but I could be tired (or stupid). Are you perhaps referring to the pi electrons shifting within the ring? Technically they have shown ALL possible resonance structures with the dashed lines and partial charges in the first picture. If I am misinterpreting, please post a picture of what you believe the missing resonance structure is.

    EDIT: I've looked closer at your first two pictures and now I see what you mean. Yes you are kind of correct, but so is the first picture due to inclusion of the bottom structure with the dashes (see my comments above).
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