What is Exam preparation: Definition and 21 Discussions

Test preparation (abbreviated test prep) or exam preparation is an educational course, tutoring service, educational material, or a learning tool designed to increase students' performance on standardized tests. Examples of these tests include entrance examinations used for admissions to institutions of higher education, such as college (e.g. the SAT and ACT), business school (the GMAT), law school (the LSAT or LNAT), medical school (the MCAT), BMAT, UKCAT and GAMSAT and graduate school (the GRE) and qualifying examinations for admission to gifted education programs.

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  1. Mr X

    Other What are some recommended books for preparing for the ISI entrance exam?

    I'm just done with 12th and I would like to prepare for the bmath entrance exam for ISI. I need some books to prepare and build the basics. So considering there's approximately an year to prepare, please give some good book suggestions that are not too rare and too hard to find in bookstores...
  2. Andreas S-H

    What are some recommendations for a math and physics topic in high school?

    Hello everyone, I am preparing to write an assignment in math and physics. This assignment will be a sort of exam, where I have to defend it at a later date, I can choose whatever topic I like, as long as it contains math and physics. I need to find something to be my thesis statement (i think...
  3. R

    Looking for GATE Aptitude Formula Derivations? Join this Thread!

    I searched for basic GATE aptitude formula derivations and found many useful explanations in this forum. This thread can be used to share such explanations.
  4. Y

    Solve a system of two linked harmonic oscillators

    $$m_1 \ddot{x} - m_1 g + \frac{k(d-l)}{d}x=0$$ $$m_2 \ddot{y} - m_2 \omega^2 y + \frac{k(d-l)}{d}y=0$$ It is two masses connected by a spring. ##d=\sqrt{x^2 + y^2}## and ##l## is the length of the relaxed spring (a constant). What is the strategy to solve such a system? I tried substituting...
  5. R

    Testing Preparing for My First Physics Exam: Tips and Advice from a UCD Student

    I got accepted to UCD this fall and am now taking physics. I have been working really hard, I read the book, did the work - which was very challenging and I didn't do very well on it. So I have been working even harder. It's okay to mess up on homework, but the work is surprisingly challenging...
  6. R

    Studying How to Prepare for an Exam Tips

    Hello everyone, In this post, i am discussing on how to prepare for an exams or to get good marks in exams. Step 1 :> Preparing to Study (a) Start studying early. Give yourself more than enough time to review the material that was covered in class. You might want to gauge how soon to start...
  7. L

    Studying Resources for reviewing Electrodynamics

    In two months I'm going to take one Physics exam which covers all the undergraduate courses and I must confess I feel quite overwhelmed by the amount of content that there is to be reviewed. In truth I feel that for the purpose of preparing for one exame like this it is not really productive to...
  8. Schwarzschild90

    Particle physics exam preparation

    Homework Statement See the PDF. I would like some pointers as to what would be most relevant to talk about Homework Equations Amplitude, cross sections and decay rates. The Attempt at a Solution 1) Particle classification: From the Eightfold way to the quark model[/B] Particles are...
  9. VoteSaxon

    Preparing for Multiple Science Exams: Tips and Strategies

    Just panicking before exams, thanks to everyone who can clear things up for me across the sciences. You are doing a great service. Immense thanks again, enjoy your weekends!
  10. J

    Preparing for the Putnam Exam: Tips from a Math Club Member

    I'm part of the math club at my college. Recently the professor who runs the club a mock Putnam exam using the same test format (two three hour sessions) with problems recycled from old tests. I didn't know exactly what I was walking into since by an odd coincidence "Putnam" also happens to...
  11. marellasunny

    How to stop getting ahead of oneself during exam preparation?

    How to stop getting ahead of oneself during exam preparation? I have my final semester exams coming-up for my masters course.I sometimes start to day-dream about what my life would be like after I ''passed'' the exams. I try and control the thoughts whenever I can but it pops-up at some...
  12. Q

    Capacitor Resistors problem, , exam preparation

    Capacitor Resistors problem, URGENT PLZ, exam preparation Homework Statement In the following transient circuit, assume at t<0, the circuit is at steady state. Assume vc(t) is the voltage across the capacitor and v0 (t) is the output voltage as shown: Find (a) vc(0+) (b) vc(∞) (c)...
  13. N

    IPhO experimental exam preparation

    hey i am from India is there any any good book dealing with problems similar to experimental part of physics olympiad which is available in india. or any site which has videos on physics experiment.
  14. V

    Exam Preparation Question (Statistical Mechanics)

    Just FYI, this is not a homework question. I am working on a practice problem for my final exam and I decided to post it here since I think it would get more attention than in any other section. Homework Statement Given an unbranched polymer with N links (that can be oriented in any...
  15. V

    What Determines the Range of Bound States in a Spherical Finite Well?

    Homework Statement I was reviewing some homework problems and looking at the solutions. There is one problem with a tiny step I just cannot rationalize and I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I have a spherical finite well: V = {- V_{0}: 0 < r < a}, = {0: r...
  16. K

    Understanding Rate Mechanisms: Exam Preparation Tips

    I totally can't figure out rate mechanisms for whatever reason. A three-step mechanism has been suggest for the formations of carbonyl chloride: Step 1 Cl2 -> 2 Cl(fast, equilibrium) Step 2 Cl + CO -> COCl (fast equilibrium) Step 3 COCl + Cl2 -> COCl2 + Cl (slow) What is the...
  17. N

    Suggest good books for exam preparation

    Well..i wanted to knw abt some good objective books for preparation for AIEEEand BITSAT 2007.Id be grateful to rceive help at t he earliest.
  18. L

    How Can I Effectively Prepare for a Major Exam with Limited Past Papers?

    I have a major exam coming up and we've been given few past exam papers to go through to practice. I have absolutely no idea what to do here :frown:, if people could help me out, work it out etc. It would be greatly appriciated. Link 1: http://img72.echo.cx/img72/3763/question0ex.jpg...
  19. N

    How can I prepare for my Biology exam in just a few weeks?

    Hey all. I am new. I am from the merry old land of aus (Australia), in the southern state called victoria. I almost crapped my pants when i saw this site. I couldn't believe that there were people interested in this stuff so much. I am in year 12, and i have my biology exam on the 1st of...
  20. M

    Solve Physics Problem: Heat Conducted Through 2 Rods

    Two rods, one of aluminum and the other of copper, are joined end to end. The cross-sectional area of each is 4.0 x 10^-4 m^2, and the length of each is 0.040m. The free end of the aluminum rod is kept at 302 degrees Celsius, while the free end of the copper rod is kept at 25 degrees Celsius...
  21. S

    APU University Student Seeks Support for Analogue Electronics Exam Preparation

    Hi all! I'm a student in APU University, Cambridge, England. One of my modules is Analogue Electronics, Exams are a few weeks away and i wanted to get an idea of how well I've grasped some of the concepts. We have been given a sheet to work through but have no one to mark it as all lectures...