Resultant displacement of vectors

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Homework Statement

Find the resultant displacement(magnitude and direction of the following vectors: 12.3m North, 45.6m East, 78.9m West, 14.7m South

Homework Equations

c=sqrt a^2 + b^2

The Attempt at a Solution

Do you just add the vectors so the north and south added together will give you 2.4m, etc then use Tan inverse to get the angle? when I did that... I got 33.4m for the magnitude and 85.9 degrees for the direction , however do you need to minus that from 270 to get 184.1 degrees? Am i doing this right?
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Draw a diagram and show us
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Draw a diagram and show us

i just drew it on a cartesian plane so it is in the third quadrant.. the y-axis is -2.4m and the x-axis is -33.3m I got those numbers from adding the directions together.

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