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Retailer dealing in kw level magnetic ampliphiers?

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    [SOLVED] retailer dealing in kw level magnetic ampliphiers?

    I've been looking at building a hybrid electric car for the last few years and saw that Tesla Motors uses a 3 phase AC motor. Long ago I used to own one of Bob Carver's M1.5 audio amps. I never did take the amp apart to figure out how he did it. But lately it's seemed to me that his mag-amp idea was being used by Tesla.

    My research into high powered saturable core reactors has yeilded only low power devices.

    Can anyone at the forum point me in the correct direction?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Why would you think that Tesla is using magnetic amplifiers?

    They are using ~7000 [6831 in the case of the Roadster] lithium ion batteries that weigh 900 pounds. [batteries sell for about $100 per pound]

    Switching power supplies and VFDs are up to 95% efficient. The problem is energy storage, not power conversion.
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    Because I'm old? I guess it wouldn't make sense to use mag amps. They probably came to mind because of their reliability. I used to burn up transistors as a kid all the time. After they invented them of course.
    I guess I've been trying to figure out what's in their black box of a controller.
    I've never heard of a VFD (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Variable-frequency_drive" [Broken]).
    (10 minutes of research)
    Ok. That makes sense.
    Thank you.

    Of course I'm just trying to avoid the $55,000 cost of the http://www.acpropulsion.com/ebox/pricing.htm" [Broken].
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