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REU question: how important are memberships?

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    So the topic is kind of vague, but allow me to expand: I'm applying for 10 summer REU programs for next year and I was wondering just how important the "memberships" category of my cv is.

    If I were to lay down $70 for a membership in both the Planetary Society and also the Seti Institute, would it look better to the planetary science schools I'm applying to? If so, by how much?

    As it happens, 1 out of the 10 is, strictly speaking, an REU program for planetary science (NASA Ames) and the other is SETI's REU program. I'm wondering if being a member of those organizations would help in my standings or not before I lay the money down.
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    Are you going to take any active part in the societies you are joining, or are you just trying to better your CV? If the latter, I wouldn't bother, since you'll be found out and it'll just be a waste of money!
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