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Rigid body physics simulation math issue

  1. Apr 9, 2015 #1
    Hey all, I'm making a physics simulation for training an algorithm of mine, I'm running into issues on the rigid body physics simulation. Let's say I have a leg composed of a calf and a thigh. gravity will be acting on both, and the calf is attached to the thigh, Any suggestions on how I would go about calculating the new thigh and calf positions and rotations? Any help appreciated.

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    I think you need a connecting point like a joint so that as you rotate the thigh rectangle the joint rotates and/or changes position and then you use the joint's new position to calculate the position of the calf object.

    So in your fig 1 diagram you need a red dot between to the two rectangles to represent the pivot point of the joint and you need a corresponding red dot in the fig 2 diagram.
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    they are connected, i just did not draw it in, sorry.
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