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Homework Help: RLC circuit with two angular frequencies

  1. Nov 16, 2013 #1
    A resistor, an inductor of inductance value of 0.02H and a capacitor are connected in series. When an alternating voltage of 200sin(1000t-10°) is applied to the series combination, the current flowing through the circuit is 20√2sin(2000t-20°). Determine the values of resistor and capacitor.

    Reactance of inductor= wL
    Reactance of capacitor= 1/wC

    I dont know how to attempt this question. The voltage and current have different angular frequencies so how do we calculate the impedance using phasors or with some other method?
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    Hello cool_stuff_lol, Welcome to Physics Forums.

    In future, please retain and use the formatting template provided when you start a new thread in the Homework sections. Failure to do so may result in infraction points being awarded.

    This looks like a typo in the question statement. There are no non-linear components in the described circuit which could result in frequency harmonics being generated.

    For linear circuits, all currents and voltages must have the same frequency at steady-state when all sources have the same frequency (here "all" is one: the voltage source).
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