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Robot (controlling motors with computers)

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    I want to make a small robotic arm and control program like the kind schools use to teach kids about robot arms. I need alittle guidance though, I only know how to use C++ to say "hello world!". How would one go about making a computer program to control a stepping motor? And how do I choose control chips etc? I guess what a really need is a from-the-ground-up way to learn robot making.
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    Try getting the material for a robotics course, and self teach. If your trying to assemble it from scratch you will need to do reasearch into material mechanics, dynamics, and control theory. I'd think the language to control robotics would closer to assembly , or NC code.
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    How about Mindstorm's Lego Bot stuff?

    lego mindstorms rcx


    At my previous company, we messed with the lego bots. The goal was to get a RCX to follow a course using it's light sensor and motor control inputs to follow the edge of a medium dark tape and stop or u-turn on a very dark tape (I used velcro for the very dark tape). By standing the RCX on end, yaw mometum was greatly reduced, allowing for the fastest bot in the group, about 40 cm/sec on the straights of the larger track, yet able to follow some tight turns (given wide enough tape), and uturn (1 dark stripe) or stop (2 dark stripes) very quickly. "Grey" tape was used to create a wider "edge" to follow on the long straights, which let the motors run full speed with reduced corrections. The smaller wheels are in the "back". Some pics:

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