Teaching Positions in a Fanuc Robot

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    Has anyone here worked with Fanuc robots? At my shop, we use RJ 2 or 3 controllers on all of our MIG welders. I sometimes have to make small moves in the robot's point positions. This is generally done by putting the robot's coordinate system in "Tool", finding the axis I need, and then setting the speed to 2 or 3 %, and "bumping" the directional button a couple times until the location looks about right. Obviously, this process is not very precise. I'm wondering if there isn't a way to just tell the bot that I need to go ".3mm in the positive direction along the Y Axis"?

    I'm looking around online for instructions on Fanc RJ2/3 controllers, but this question is too complex for any of the search engines I use to find an answer on the net. I could look it up in the manual, but that's at the shop and when I'm there I don't have time to read! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    LURCH did you end up figuring this out? The Fanuc Robot looks pretty neat!
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    OK; after some pretty extensive searching, I did find an answder of sorts. Clusty dug up a link to a patent application for a software packet that would do what I want. I guess that settles that!
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