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Robotics: ECE or mechanical engineering?

  1. May 12, 2015 #1
    I got to know about robotics 5-6 years ago after watching a program in the Discovery network. I even joined robotics classes and i found it fascinating. (They gave me LEGO mindstorm kits). I also learned C programming and i know python as well.(my friend told me that its important to know C programming language) I am going to join engineering college this year. Should i take Electronics and communication engineering or mechanical engineering to make robots?
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    I suggest Mech Eng. Mechanical Engineers that design robotics or work with them often learn enough electronics and logic (programming) to know all of the issues of the robotic field. Electronics and comm Engineers study a lot of transmission theory,error bit detection, signal loss, ic packaging and other non relevant courses compared to your love of robotics. Just my opinion only.
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    Depends on the school and where they place their robotics specialists. At my alma matter the mechanical engineers had all the robotics, whereas it's in ECE at other schools; look up where it's located at the schools you wanna go to.
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    So I should take up Mechanical engineering and learn about circuits.
    I also want to know about job opportunities. What job will I do after taking mechanical engineering?
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