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Rock climber force diagram and acceleration

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    A 70kg climber is dangling over the edge of an ice cliff. He is roped to a 940kg rock located 51 m from the edge. The ice is frictionless, and the climber starts to accelerate downward.

    a) How would you find the acceleration of the climber?

    Would you use the force diagrams for the rock and the climber and subtract the two to find the acceleration in the case?

    b) How long does it take the rock to go over the edge?

    Much thanks
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    a) the force on the rock from the climber is 70 x 9.81 (F = mg). And we know that F = ma. So 70x 9.8 = 940 x a. Solve for a. (the acceleration of the rock is = to the acceleration of the climber.

    b) a = distance/time squared. You know a, and distance. Solve for t.
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