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Homework Help: Rocket Project - need to find mass of rocket to reach 15 m altitude

  1. Mar 15, 2013 #1
    Rocket Project -- need to find mass of rocket to reach 15 m altitude

    I have a project for grade 11 physics, i have to create a rocket that reaches precisely 15 m altitude, and all Im given is the thrust profile of the engine (force(N) vs time(s) graph)

    It is an Estes A8-5 engine

    i have used calculus to integrate and find the impulse, which is 2.50N*s, total burn time is 0.7s

    im stuck, i cant find the mass without the acceleration, i cant find the acceleration without the final velocity after burn.

    ive tried everything i can think of, even energy problems, cant seem to figure it out.
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    rude man

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    What exactly are you supposed to come up with? Mass of rocket?

    Final velocity is zero, right, if it's supposed to go just 15m? And is that miles or meters?
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    A critical question is whether you need to take into account the reduction in fuel mass during ascent. If so, you need to develop and solve the differential equation for a rocket. Otherwise, energy should be the way. you know the total energy the rocket delivers, and you know the height to be reached.
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