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Root programming

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    Hi all,

    I want ask you about root programming, if I have the SMM data

    How I can do the following:

    1- Draw the charge, mass and energy distribution of the reaction products

    2- Draw the multiplicity of intermediate mass fragments as function of impact parameter and excitation energy

    3- Draw the position distribution of the different fragments (as function of Z) to determine the geometrical acceptance of the detectors

    4- Draw the Zmax as function of Zbound (do the same for each one as function of the impact parameter.

    thanks a lot,
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    If you want any help, you need to show what you have done first. Is this schoolwork?
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    More info than you provided is needed for anyone to help you. These aren't generic ROOT questions. You are asking questions that would need extensive knowledge of the experiment this data is from. What is the SMM data? The Solar Maximum Mission? That's from the 1980s...

    Also as was already asked, are these questions from an assignment? The wording sure seems like an assignment...

    If it's not an assignment, do you know anyone else that works on this experiment? They would be the only ones that could help you.
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    I want to learning root programming and my Doctors give me some examples in nuclear physics and I will do that.

    I have A (atomic mass number ) , Z ( atomic number) , E (Energy), impact, momentum and Theta data see attachment

    My attempts is:

    1- Draw between Z and A

    2- Draw between Z and E

    see attachment

    How I can extract the multiplicity of intermediate mass fragments and the position of the different fragments from this data ?

    thanks a lot

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