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Homework Help: Rotational motion: rod in a tube

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    A long thin tube of negligible mass is pivoted so it may rotate freely without friction in a horizontal plane. A thin rod of mass M and length L lies in the tube and can slide without friction in the tube. ([tex]I_{Thin Rod}=\frac{1}{12}ML^{2}[/tex]).

    Find the equations of motion for the thin rod in terms of the angle of the tube, [tex]\theta[/tex], and the radial position of the center of the rod, r.
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    Could you perhaps draw a diagram of what you're asking? I'm a little confused by your description, because you could be describing a number of different systems.
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    The diagram is attached. Thanks for any help. I'm currently stumped.

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