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Rotor blade thrust - torque and angular velocity

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    Imagine a motor, spinning a rotor blade around and around and around and around and around...

    How does the angular velocity of the rotor blade, and the torque affect the thrust produced?
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    Rotational speed is linearly related to airflow and airflow velocity, thrust is a square function of rotation rate.

    Torque is also a square function of rotation rate because torque comes from aerodynamic drag.
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    If this were a prop attached to a plane...

    Angular velocity * Torque = Powerprop

    That's the power required to turn the propeller. The power available to move the plane is somewhat less due to the efficiency of the prop..

    Powerplane = Powerprop * Effprop

    A well designed propeller might achieve 80% efficiency (with lots of caveats) but it will only achieve that under certain flight conditions.

    The power required to move the plane (non accelerating flight) is roughly..

    Powerplane = Thrust * Velocityplane

    So with some substitutions...

    Thrust = Angular velocity * Torque * Effprop/Velocityplane

    The problem is not all are independent variables. For example prop efficiency will change with plane velocity.

    PS: This equation is no use for testing a model plane prop on a bench (the plane velocity in that case would be zero, among other problems).
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