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RP material suggestion needed (strong plastic)

  1. Oct 19, 2006 #1
    I've been looking for some kind of strong transparent/translucent Silicone RTV to make some small strong plastic prototype parts.

    So far I've only found stuff like smooth-on, but there should be something stronger out there.. I think..

    Does anyone know a material that would fit my need?

    Thanks a lot!!
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    I don't know anything about silicone materials other than just the regular sealant that comes in a tube. I also don't know what you mean by 'strong'. Is it purely a matter of structural integrity, or do you need wear-resistance, high compression or tension tolerance, torsion... you get the picture.
    Have you considered the binary acrylic compounds such as Casolite, that are used for making paper-weights, key fobs, etc.? They're normally colourless, but can be tinted with additives, and just pour into a mould.
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    I'm trying to do soft tooling, but I'll look into Casolite.

    Does anyone else know anything more about material for soft tooling?

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    I reluctantly admit that I don't know what the term 'soft tooling' means. If it involves machining the components, then I'd look into Delrin, nylon 66 or 77, Torlon, etc..
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    Does it have to be transparent/translucent? If this isn't such an important requirement, might try some stuff called POR Epoxy Putty.
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    I must say that your need is not fully explained in your thread...but you talk about some type of soft toolable silicone. It would be very necessary for you to explain what your pourpose is since there are virtually millions of different types of plastics that incorporate the usage of many other materials. One such usage is resins and other usages include many different compounds. They all are mixed in different amounts to create many types of plastics which have unique characteristics which include temperature resistance, acidic resistance, scratch resistance, plyability, and lucidity. So what combination are you looking for and what spacifically are your needs.
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