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RS485 to RS232 (Energy meter connection)

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    We've recently decided that our energy monitors need to be reseted; to do so we need to connect to the devices as this can't be done from their menu (https://www.gavazzionline.com/pdf/EM2172DDS.pdf this is the meter).

    In order to connect we've acquired an RS485>RS232 converter (DB25)(http://www.aten.com/products/productItem.php?model_no=IC485S) and downloaded the em21 software.

    The main issue is that we can't get the meter to send the data to the computer and the reason for this, I think, is that we're doing something wrong when wiring the RS485. On the em21 we have A-, B+, T and GND while on the converter R-,R+,T-,T+; we've tried a number of combinations but none seem to work. Initially I thought that A- should go to R- and T- and B+ to R+ and T+ but I had no luck with that.

    If anyone can throw an idea or two it would be much appreciated :).

    Many thanks in advance.
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