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Homework Help: Rules for all calculations regarding integration

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    I’ve now come across integration in my maths course for my first time. I was wondering if somebody out there might be able to help me with a couple issues regrading this topic. Firstly I would appreciate if I could be told all the necessary rules for all calculations regarding integration. If this list is too long and/or complicated then please only list the fundamentals for this concept. Secondly I would like to know about possibly applications for this integration concept.
    Thank you greatly to those who reply,
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    Integration can be used to calculate volumes, centres of mass, moment of inertia, work done by a force, the displacement from velocity, velocity from acceleration, etc. It can also be used to find probabilities, arc lengths of curves, surface area of 3D shapes, shortest distance between two points on a surface, and many other places. So, integration is very, very important.
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    thanks for the link nazzard
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