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S11 (scattering parameter 11) of a Resonator?

  1. Feb 2, 2010 #1
    If my resonator is shorted at one end and has a partially transmitting grid at the other end is it correct to use S and T parameters to build a model of the device?

    I ask this as the first few sentences of the Wikipedia article on S-parameters states that a matched load should be placed at Port 2 to measure S11 of the first port (as opposed to either an open circuit or a short). But I have a short in place of Port 2 as opposed to a matched load.

    I want to model it in terms of S-parameters so I can later cascade it with other devices.

    Anyone studied this before?? I am just getting into this..

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    Yes, you can use scattering parameters. This is, in fact, how these devices are usually described and measured.
    The wiki probably refers to the fact that you need to keep track of where you place the load if you want to measure S11 of a general two-port and is only interested in the effect of one of those ports.

    Also, buy yourself a copy of Pozar's book on microwave engineering.
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    Thanks again!

    (and yes... I'll get myself a copy of the book :smile: )
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