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Salary in Electrical Engineering

  1. Jun 11, 2014 #1

    I am wondering about average (real) salary in electrical engineering field in USA (and another countries), especially at microelectronic and SoC design. Out of my curiosity I also would like to ask about teachers salary.
    Is there any one who could give me some insight, if my question is not too inappropriate?
    Thank you in advance.
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    Average entry level salary (BSEE) for my school was ~ 66k last year.
    A large number of us went into the defense/aerospace industry
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    Thank you very much, this exactly the answer I was looking for.
    In additionally, may I ask how large is approximately a pay gap from BSc to MSc degree? Would you (or somebody else) say it does really matter from which university and country (first of all) you are while the job trade suffers from EE deficiency?
    I study both "microelectronic and technology" and "electronics, electrotechnology in transportation" at two universities for my BSc degree and I intend to study "Computer systems" as a major and "Artifical Intelligent" as a minor while keeping track at "microelectronics" for MSc.
    I would like to work and live aboard one day due to better chance to participate in interesting projects, but I am a bit worried about my far not perfect english and maybe prejudice label "come from post-communict country" would discriminate me. Do you think I went mad thinking this or rather you would say something is right about this?
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    At my school is around 61k starting. But if you dig into those stats you see that they only count the students who got jobs in engineering. So that is the average starting pay as a beginning electrical engineer, not the average starting pay of an electrical engineering graduate.
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    I'm from the US. Most of us got jobs in the northeast or Texas/Arizona.

    At my company as an entry level engineer people with MS get ~10k more than BS.

    On average people from 'better' schools get higher salary, however that is because on average they get 'better' and more advanced jobs. (please note that is a HUGE generalization)

    That being said for any given job the salary that you get will most likely not vary based on the school. So if a grad from MIT and a grad from some community college happen to get the same job, chances are their pay grade will be close if not identical.

    Discriminating for where you are from is highly illegal (unless its a job that requires citizenship). Discrimination based on your English may happen, depending on what type of job you are going after
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    I think people make too much a fuss about the "range" of starting salaries for entry level positions especially since "COLA" in the US is not all the same. 63K in Pittsburgh vs 75K in the Bay area. The Pittsburgh salary is most certainly better.
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    Does anyone know average starting for a computer science major?
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    OK, my last question: Somewhere I have read there is a deficiency of engineers on the labor market in USA. Is this what have you experienced when you was pursuing for your job?
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    A couple of points:

    An MS is pretty much the entry level degree in microelectronics/SoC design in the USA. If you want to work in that area as a design engineer it is very difficult to get that job without a graduate degree.

    There is no deficiency of engineers in the USA labor market except in some very specific niche areas.
  12. Jun 12, 2014 #11
    I know now what I wanted know, thank you all for a little bit insight to this issue.
    Interestingly just add that in Prague is entry salary for MSEE something about 16K while the labour market strongly suffer from EE deficiency. On the other hand you can study what you want for free. Although there may be a link between unbalanced labour market and state-ruled education.
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