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Same old question - Which uni should i choose?

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    Same old question :D - Which uni should i choose?

    So i've been trying to figure out what i want to do once i leave High School. I was dead set on being an engineer, but I'm not so sure anymore. I've considered physics, and other sciences, but really, I'm just lost. I stumbled upon this forum, a few weeks ago, to my surprise it seems like the only place on there internet that actually has people giving out advice and general information on career possiblities and education plans.

    Anyways to get to my point. I'm in grade 12 (probably hear this all the time), living in Canada, and I'm not sure which university I should apply to. I'm looking for a university that has more than 1 great faculty. If science or engineering doesn't work for me, I've considered heading into law, so i would really like to have that to fall back on. But i still want to pick the universities based on their engineering and science faculties.

    I will be applying to Carlton, Waterloo, Queens and Western in January. I understand Carlton has a great science research area, and i know Waterloo is known for engineering. But besides that, i really don't know which is better. So what can i expect from each university, and which one is better?

    Thanks for your time.
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    Re: Same old question :D - Which uni should i choose?

    errr. hi walksofar, i am in the same position as you are in currently.
    i believe that choosing waterloo and/or queens would probably be the most likely "ideal" for you. no one can say that which university is better than the other one (unless it's like MIT vs. carleton), i think it ultimately matters on which engineering you would like to major in.

    to answer your question, i'd give mcmaster a poke and not so on western. i think that mcmaster's engineering physics is pretty good o_o, and correct me if i am wrong but theres a nuclear lab there a mcmaster? (the first lab i think) so i mean lots of possibilities there right? and mcmaster is well known for health sciences, and so on. so i think it's not bad to give mcmaster a chance. also, i find university of toronto an ideal choice for you. you said "i've considered heading into law" and university of toronto probably fit your description. although, uoft is hard. really hard.

    so pretty much, apply like this.
    1) waterloo, _______ engineering (backup with life sci)
    2) queen's, _______ engineering (also back up with life sci)
    3) mcmaster _______ engineering (backup)
    4) uoft, _______ engineering (law or life sci)

    i can't say much about what to expect, but waterloo will definitely get u co-op work experience compared to all other universities. waterloo will give u 6 coop work periods, 6co-op work = 2years total. (stream 4 only.) (if stream 8, 5co-op periods) and compared to queens or mcmaster, you get 1 p.e.y., which is yes, one year.
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    Re: Same old question :D - Which uni should i choose?

    Hey finally a response. I really haven't though about mcmaster too much, i always thought they were far more health based. But based on what you said, i may just look into it. UofT on the other hand, yeah after reading a lot of the responses on here, apparantly they like to keep their GPA's really low, so im not very happy about that. Besides i don't think i would enjoy the enormous size of that university. I do know there law program is probably the best in the country, so that seems really enticing.

    Anyways thanks for the response.
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    Re: Same old question :D - Which uni should i choose?

    McGill University - Montreal! They have amazing faculties (engineering,science,*medical*,etc).
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