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Saving styles for the other documents on MS Word 2010

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    I don't even know If this is possible but for me it would be very convenient If I could open some document and have all my previously created styles. Unfortunately, now every time I edit some document I have to create those styles all over again so I could apply them. I think there should be something like a template but the problem is that when I use template it is only good for creating documents from scratch and not editing (i.e. I can't open existing document with my template having all style setups and edit it).
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    I'm not sure what your trying to do, but you can copy styles from one document to another using the 'Manage Styles, Import/Export' feature.

    Actually, in your situation, sounds like you might benifit from using 'Building Blocks' feature. Do a search MS Word Building Blocks for more info.
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    This what I've got from Microsoft Comunity: Developer tab, Document Template->Attach->Home tab, Change Styles->Reset to Quick Styles from [Template Name]

    Is your solution any way better?
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