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Say hi to you guys~ I'm from HK ^^

  1. Aug 22, 2010 #1
    Hello~ I'm a "little" girl studying in secondary 6 (7 after 1/9) in HK~
    I love physics very much~
    I wanna major in electrical engineering or physics in university ^^

    I find this forum is quite useful so I registered to be a member~

    Hope you guys can understand my poor english~ ^^
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    Welcome to physics forums! You're doing very well to learn English and it's coming along nicely :smile: If I may I ask, was your main purpose in joining here to learn, chat, or get homework help? Or even a mixture of them all.
    My only reason when I first joined was to get homework help, but I quickly came to realize there are a bounty of good questions asked in these forums on topics I never would even think of myself, but do find interesting. Then somehow, oh so slowly, I creeped into the general chat sections too :biggrin:
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    Welcome to PF, city25. One has certainly come to the right place to discuss physics and electrical engineering.
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    Welcome, city25, I think you'll like it here. Hope you enjoy it!
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    no problem if your English is not good,mine is not good too :)

    you can use Chinese when you don't know how to say in English,I can understand.:smile:
  7. Aug 22, 2010 #6
    I first knew the forum few months ago. I was doing a project on friction. I found that some questions asked are similar to mine and helped me to solve my problems and finish my project. After that, I found that many topics discussed are very useful for me to correct my improper or unclear concept. Also, some of them are interesting~ Up to yesterday, I realize that it is a good place for me to ask my physics questions than many HK sites. I suppose I can have more professional answers here.

    Well, I only got a pass in english in the public examination, which makes me feel so surprised and sad....
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    HAHA, but the rules state that we can only use english in the forum..
  9. Aug 22, 2010 #8
    You got my point~ ^^
  10. Aug 22, 2010 #9


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    Welcome to PF city25 :smile:

    You can also join the PF sisterhood! :biggrin:
  11. Aug 22, 2010 #10


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    Ahh that's nice to know :smile:

    Really, your English is fine and easily understandable. we won't be asking you to write out an essay for us so you have nothing to fear.
  12. Aug 23, 2010 #11
    oh~ can you tell me more about it?
  13. Aug 23, 2010 #12
    nice~ ^^
  14. Aug 23, 2010 #13


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    First you need to get slapped with a fish to be a member! If you allow me, I'll borrow rootX's fish!

    http://files.myopera.com/Chyren/files/fishSlap1a.gif [Broken]

    There you are, you're officially a PF member. :biggrin:

    In order to join the sisterhood... Well, all I know is as long as you wear a 5~15 shoe size you're in. Otherwise you're excluded! :biggrin:
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  15. Aug 23, 2010 #14
    Wow, you are mean :bugeye:! She's just a "little" girl.
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    If she doesn't reply to you, then you know you hit her a little too hard.
  17. Aug 23, 2010 #16
    Wow! You actually read the rules!? I have been here for decades, never knew such a rule exist. I guess you don't need to break this rule, your writing is very clear.

    So you are going to Form 7 this coming year? May I ask you where you plan to go to university? HK? China? Somewhere else?

    Welcome again, and hope to see you around here again soon.
  18. Aug 23, 2010 #17


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    You think so! :bugeye: Nah, Evo's arm would do it not mine! Hello Evo :biggrin:

    City25: 这是一个笑话 :smile:

    You know golfguy, I got the feeling that you haven't been slapped... May I borrow your golf club?! :biggrin:
  19. Aug 24, 2010 #18
    Haha,it's nice! It's allowed to use Chinese here!:cool:
  20. Aug 24, 2010 #19


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    Well okay......... if you must.
  21. Aug 26, 2010 #20
    Is it a joke??
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