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Schamatics for rutherfords experiment

  1. Jan 13, 2013 #1
    i am really wanting to make a working replica of Rutherford's experiment. but i don't know what kind of material i will need. i also need a schamatic for one

    this is my timey whimey detector it goes ding when there's stuff
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    Could you be more specific?
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    I suggest that you consider the difficulty and the expense of making a "working replica" of Rutherford's Experiment. It would be very difficult and very expensive. Here are two sites that describe the the Rutherford Experiment:


    Here is an opportunity for one to control an interactive simulation of the Rutherford Experiment provided by the University of Colorado at Boulder:

    edit: it's spelled "schematic"
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    i don't know why i said replica what i ment to say is i want to atempt at mimicing experiment myself as well as try other kinds of foil (led, tin, steel) to see which ones goe straight through (or reflect) more than others
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