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Homework Help: Schaum's Linear Algebra Usefullness?

  1. Oct 14, 2009 #1
    Hi I'm hammering my way through Schaum's Linear Algebra:
    http://www.mhprofessional.com/product.php?isbn=007154352X&cat=145 [Broken]
    and I'm wondering how much use it will be in the future i.e. is there a heck of a lot more work to do in the field to do well in such things as quantum mechanics.

    From watching Leonard Susskind's Stanford Quantum Entanglement lectures on youtube I found it all fairly common sense, and up until the eigenvectors and some little tidbits I hardly needed the book. I find it extremely valuable now though, I mean it's clarifying a LOT I would have missed or taken in without understanding the "why", but I wonder would this be enough once the book is digested or is there a whole mountain of linear algebra to add together before I could have a reasonable shot a QM.

    Maybe if you haven't done this book yourself you could look at the table of contents in the link and judge for yourself.

    Much appreciated, Gratias tibi ago:)
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    My intuition has told me that a Schaum's outline is never a replacement for a good text book or 2.

    However I do think they can be decent references after taking a course (or learning the whole picture from a good textbook on your own). I'd buy it and a textbook.

    If you are going to study something like QM then you are going to need a good arsenal of textbooks anyways so get crackin.

    I suppose the real question is, do you just want to learn certain aspects of QM or do you actually want to really study it?
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    All of the Schaum's outline books are have very good exercises and algorithms but are very weak on theory. The can, at best, give you a surface facility with the subject.
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