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School doesn't have a B.S. in Chemistry? Only a B.A.

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    I'm torn between Chemistry and Physics as a major. After looking at the Chemistry degree they only offer a B.A. It's still accredited by the ACS but I'm just a little weirded out by that. Especially after browsing some jobs for Chemists, they specifically say a "B.S. in Chemistry". This school is very science-y and this is very surprising.

    Would getting a B.A. in Chemistry rather than a B.S. in Chem matter at all?
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    Harvard gives only B.A. degrees. I doubt that those companies would automatically turn away a Harvard graduate who applies for their jobs. :rolleyes:
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    As does Cambridge
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    Many liberal arts colleges only offer BA degrees, but you can take all the classes required for a BS at other schools while getting that BA. There's no clear distinction between the two anyway; you should be fine. I've got a BA in physics and I'm finishing a PhD in physics now.
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