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Scientific Computing / Simulation and Modeling Degrees?

  1. Mar 19, 2012 #1
    I just was wondering if anyone here has pursued a degree in scientific computing / high performance computing / computational simulation and modeling, type of degree. For example Georgia Tech's Computational Science and Engineering degree or Computational and Mathematical Engineering degree, or something like a Masters of Engineering in Simulation and Modeling? What did you end up doing? What job markets they'd be best suited for?
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    Computational and Mathematical Engineering degree should of been:
    Stanford's Computational and Mathematical Engineering degree
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    I am wondering about this too (and I was specifically looking at GT's program). I'd be interested in knowing if these people would be suited for any jobs that actually require some science or engineering to them.

    I can imagine that Wall St. wouldn't mind at all to hire these people. Oil and defense probably also? Maybe if you had a concentration in fluids or aerospace engineering, you could do software at an aerospace firm? Perhaps biotech might find these people useful as well. I wonder if their versatility helps them in getting jobs (my guess is that it would). These are all guesses really. Then of course, there's always your typical software engineering job as a fallback.
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